What Are Boiler Tubes ?

It is common for boiler tubes to be seamless tubes and either carbon steel or alloy steel can be used as the material for the tubes

How Are Boiler Tubes Made? _______________

As far as manufacturing is concerned, both medium-pressure and high-pressure boiler tubes undergo the same initial manufacture process,

Rust Removal of the Boiler Tube ___________

It is possible to remove rust from boiler tubes in several ways, the most simple being to clean them with a solvent and emulsion, which is the simplest method.

How to Choose Good Quality Boiler Tubes?___________

1. Look at the cross-section of the tube. 2. Check the pipe density to determine the impurities. 3. Make sure you check the trademark. 4. Check the surface of the boiler tube

Water-tube Boiler tubes __________

It has become common for boilers with high-pressure water tubes to be used as a type of boiler in which the water flows through tubes which are externally heated by gases passing through them. Burning fuel in the furnace produces hot gas that is used to heat water in the tubes, producing steam as a result of the burning of fuel.

Fire-tube Boiler tubes ________

The fire tube boiler is a type of boiler in which heated gasses are pumped through a series of tubes that are connected to a sealed water tube as a result of the flame.

Materials used for Manufacturing of Boiler Tubes _________

Copper or brass is also used in live steam versions, since it is cheaper to produce in smaller Boiler tubes. Due to its better formability and higher thermal conductivity, copper was traditionally used in fireboxes; however, in recent years, copper prices have rendered this an economical option and other affordable materials (such as steel) have taken its place.