Straight Boiler Tube Expanders vs Flared Boiler Tube Expanders

What are tube expanders? ______________

In the manufacturing processes of heat exchangers such as boilers and condensers, we often use rolling tube type expansion tools throughout the process of fixing and molding tubes to tube sheets, and these expansion tools are commonly referred to as tube expanders in the industry.

Tube Expanders & their Components ______________

1. Roller 2. Frame 3. Bearing Collar 4. Mandrel

There is no doubt that a tube expander is an extremely important component of any heat exchanger.

Tube Expansions come in various types! ______________

In the world of tube expansion, there are a variety of processes that are used by different companies and individuals.

Tube Expansions come in various types! ______________

In order to choose the right tube expander for your application, it is important to know what you are looking for before you roll up your sleeves, roll the tube & start putting it together.

Boiler Tube Expanders For General Purpose, Manufacture and Repair ______________

1. 'E' Type 2.  EL' Type 3. 'A' Type 4. '1A' Type