Safety tips to follow when handling metal sheet

Use The Proper Equipment ______________

Any metal that is handled without the appropriate equipment can cause injury if it is not handled properly. As good conductors of electricity and heat, metals are also very sharp to the touch, especially if the edges are not finished.

Test Your Tools _____________

A lot of maintenance needs to be done on metal manufacturing and fabrication machines as they are subjected to a large amount of stress each and every time they are used.

Use The Right Lifting Technique _____________

In the course of working with sheet metal, lifting and moving heavy parts is something that is common practice. In spite of this, improper lifting techniques can result in several types of back and neck injuries as well.

Clean Up After Handling _____________

Metal particles present in sheet metal are one of the lesser known hazards of working with sheet metal. In some cases, metal particles can be inhaled and ingested into the body, as well as penetrated through the skin.

Stay Organized_ _____________

The benefits of cleaning up clutter outweigh the benefits of keeping the area tidy and organized. There is a potential tripping hazard when materials and debris are left lying around in a scattered position.