Method of removing boiler tubes

A boiler tube removal is normally accomplished by cutting the tubes at their outer periphery, heating the stub of the tube, notching the forks of the torches, and thereby forcing the tube loose from the boiler vessel.

This method of cutting rotary tubes is particularly useful in preventing the expansion of the boiler tube outside of its expanded diameter in some applications.

There is a method of removing a boiler tube that is embedded within an opening in a boiler vessel, where the boiler tube is positioned between the opening and the boiler tube is retained; in the method, the following steps are performed: severing the boiler tube near the exterior periphery of the boiler vessel;

The process of removing boiler tubes is usually accomplished by cutting the tubes close to the exterior periphery of the boiler vessel, heating the tube stub with a torch, or cutting it with a notched blade, and pushing it until it is forced out of engagement with the vessel.

The only solution that is going to suffice in this situation is to come up with a simple and cost-effective way of removing boiler tubes without causing any damage to the boiler vessel.