How To Clamp A Leaking Pipe

What are Clamps? _______________

The clamp is a versatile tool used for holding work securely in place while it is being constructed. It has many applications, such as in construction, and in carpentry and woodworking, as well as furniture making, welding, and metalworking.

What are repair clamps? _______________

In the event of a leak or a burst, pipe repair clamps provide a fast and effective solution. They are typically made up of a metal sleeve with flexible rubber padding on the inside that is applied to the leaking pipe and seals it.

Types of Repair Clamps _______________

Patch-clamp A metal patch can be used to repair a small, non-leaking defect. It is simple to use a metallic patch to cover a small defect. The repair involves welding a suitable curved patch, by fillet welding, to the pipe.

Pin-hole leak repair clamp It may be appropriate to use a patch clamp or a pin-hole leak repair clamp if there is a small pin-hole leak on a section of pipe. The pin-hole leak repair clamp uses a locator pin that guides a pointed cone seal into the leaking hole using a locator pin.

Sealant injection at flange bolt hole area Unlike the ‘self-seal’ type repair enclosure illustrated at Figure 6 that totally encloses the flange assembly, the ‘outside diameter’ type flange repair enclosure needs to, additionally, seal at the flange’s bolt holes.

How Does a Clamp Work? _____________

The clamp is a device that holds objects firmly in place. Whether it is used to hold an object firmly to the surface of a work surface or to hold two or more objects together, the purpose of clamp is to provide the user with a firm grip in order to accomplish the task needed.